Postcards from the Future addresses the banality of things happening around us every day. A girl crossing a square with her dog, a firemen truck rushing-by, people having a drink in a bar, or a boy robbing the purse of an old lady on the street are all casual events, because we statistically expect them to take place in our surroundings as we walk through the city.

A Postcard from the Future depicts such a situation, but instead of indicating the date and place where the picture was taken, the caption on the card announces a time situated in the future. These postcards paradoxically do not document something which has taken place, but announce something to come, they invite to attend.

The everyday-life scenes represented on these postcards are thus no coincidence. They are meticulously planned and organized choregraphies. And in fact, at the date and time announced on the poscard, the characters of the picture (all hired actors) progressively appear in the location, executing exactly what they are shown doing on the picture.
The spectator then slowly looses track of the characters of the postcard, as the performers pursue their way, and reintegrate the anonimity of the passers-by …

Three version of Postcards from the Future have been realized until now: Geneva (points d'Impact festival 2007), Leuven (Playground festival 2008) and Metz (Constellation, Centre Pompidou-Metz, 2009)

A new edition of Postcards from the Future is planned for Brussels in fall 2010
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