The Nickelodeon derives its title from the early type of motion picture theater carrying the same name. Unlike its historical counterpart, C&H's Nickelodeon does not offer its customers — or audience — film screenings, but a selection of short live performances to choose from.

The performances inside of The Nickelodeon are re-enactments made on stage, of the movements executed by cameras in movies. The very shots, traveling, pannings, zoom-ins, close-ups, etc. making out the original footage are reproduced by performers moving aluminum frames of different sizes and formats across an empty space, to the original soundtracks. Each one of these micro-performances exactly reproduces the camera movements and editing cuts of a specific excerpt taken from a broad selection of feature films, television series, documentaries, talk shows, video clips or live broadcasts.

The audience interacts with The Nickelodeon as with a juke-box: from a list of about 36 filmic productions, the visitors can freely select what they wish to see. Once an item is chosen, lights and sound automatically turn on, and the selected title is performed live, right in front of the spectator. At the end of each excerpt, light and sound turn off again, until another selection is made.

concept and realization: C&H (christophe meierhans, heike langsdorf, christoph ragg) with the collaboration of Ula Sickle, 2008

production: Kunst/Werk / TNT, Bordeaux / Workspace Brussels / Vooruit, Gent / Nadine, Brussels

performances: Courtisane Festival, Vooruit Arts Center, Gent / Working Title Festival, Kaai Studio's, Brussels / International Film Festival Rotterdam