(video excerpt)
Up North Right East Down South Left West

Western expatriates comment on what they see from a terrace of the old city of Jerusalem, while others comment on what they see on a computer screen in a bar of Buenos Aires. The commenting off-voices decipher the same images we are also seeing as spectators of the film. And as their dialogues unfold, we agree or disagree with what is being said, and the coordinates of our respective points of view emerge from the casualness of the small-talk.

This film is about the production of differences and identity, about orientation and disorientation, and about short-sightedness. Not the kind of short-sightedness that an optician can help us correct, but that which we are all without exception too short-sighted to notice: Ethnocentrism, as an unspoken condition for the understanding of our surroundings…

HD video, 20 minutes 40 seconds

concept, direction, camera & editing : Christophe Meierhans
color correction : Anna de Manincor
production assistance in Buenos Aires : Florencia Fernandez Frank
co production : Kunst/Werk, W139
supported by : nadine, de Pianofabriek
made possible by: means of the Commission of the Flemish Community in Brussels (VGC) — Traject subsidy
many thanks to : Florencia Fernandez Frank, Stefano Tononi, Mariana Viñoles, Julien Vaissier, Nerea Craviotto, Anna Rispoli, Tim Voss, David Helbich, Laurent Liefooghe, Miriam Rhode…