concept, realization and performance: C&H, 2006 — duration: 2 x 40min — production: C&H-Kunst/Werk / Sophiensaele, Berlin / Maus Habitos, Porto / TNT, Bordeaux — performances: Ausland, Berlin / Maus Habitos, Porto / Sophiensæle, Berlin / StudiumBühne, Burghausen / TNT, Bordeaux

Konspiration is a performance involving its audience as accomplices.

The audience is asked to play the role of normal customers of a café, hiding that they are, in fact, the spectators of a performance by C&H which is presently taking place in the very same location.

The spectators are prepared for their role as an audience during the first part of the piece, which takes place behind the closed doors of the theater hall.

Entering the café, no one but the allied spectators and performers actually are aware that anything at all is happening. The performance in the café remains invisible for whoever does not know what to look for.