Some use for your broken clay pots (in production)
Science fiction gives you an insight into a possible future of our society by depicting the fate of one of it's individual inhabitants. Some use for your broken clay pots envisions our future with an inverted approach. The project provides its spectators with a systematic overview of the rules and norms this future society is based upon and leaves it up to the audience to imagine how their individual lives would be like under these new conditions.

The cornerstone of the whole project is an invented constitutional text which provides the legal basis for a hypothetical future democratic state. This new constitution, which has been developed from scratch in collaboration with a team of scholars from different Belgian universities, prescribes a democratic regime entirely based on 'disqualification' instead of our present day 'elections'. All the institutions, organs, laws and procedures necessary to the establishment of a realistic and functional democratic system are derived from this provocative predicate. This exercise in constitutional creativity is aimed at producing a system which is as different as possible from the ones we know today. But at the same time, the challenge has been to also make it as credible and theoretically implementable as possible, in order to engage in an active and critical reflexion on the ideals of democracy, their implementation through law, and the relationship we develop as citizens with the resulting norms and power structures.

In Some use for your broken clay pots, the juridical text will become the script for a theatre play, material for a publication and inspiration for the screenplay of a short fiction movie.

The title of the project is inspired by the early Athenian democratic practice of ostracism around 5th century BC, in which citizens would traditionally engrave the name of a person they thought should be banned from the city onto pottery sheds…

Première performances & book launch: 25 & 26 October 2013, Possible futures festival, Vooruit, Gent.

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interview of Christophe Meierhans with Bart Capelle, Field Notes #3, Workspacebrussel, 2012.