concept & realization: Christophe Meierhans, Anna Rispoli, 2008

with:Tahani Basha, Mahir Hassan, Hamad El-Neel, Ismael Taha, Laurent Meierhans

executive production: Laurent Meierhans

production: Lettera27, Milano / Netwerk center for contemporary arts, Aalst / Vooruit, Gent
In May 2008 Christophe Meierhans and italian artist Anna Rispoli travelled to Khartoum, Sudan, in order to work on the production of a sudanese remake of the Hollywood classic western movie RIO BRAVO. Both artists were taking over the role of producers working with a local team of filmmakers. Scope of the project was to make use of the film production process as a tool for an intercultural confrontation. The film was to become the object on which the involved parties would project, and therewith share, their own desires, poetics, critiques, humor, politics.

Khartoum-based TV producer and director Mahir Hassan, actress Tahani Basha and dramaturge Hamad El-Neel were hired to work at the production of a script adaptation of John Ford's RIO BRAVO and at the shooting of a movie trailer. Upon completion of the script, the project was interrupted by an attack on the capital from the part of Darfuri rebels. Ironically enough, the story of the fiction at this point transferred itself to the reality of the production: it was the filmmakers who finally found themselves kept under siege instead of the characters in the film script.

Far Western is a video documention about this attempted project.