Paul Bremer:
Keynote Address at the TD Waterhouse Investment Conference delivered 4 February 2005, San Diego, CA
“ Paul Bremer: Keynote Address at the...” is a re-enactment of an existing speech held by the former U.S. Administrator of Iraq in front of an international conference for investment advisors organized by the TD Waterhouse investment Bank. In his speech, Mr. Bremer tells about his successes and difficulties as appointed governor of the occupied Iraq from may 2003 until june 2004.
This video documents a full re-enactment of Mr.Bremer’s speech done under the influence of strong alcohol. The original text remains untouched, while the only substitution made, next to the replacing of the orator himself, is the pure whole grain russian vodka replacing the traditional water in the speaker’s glass.
concept, realization & performance: Christophe Meierhans, 2007 — original text: Paul Bremer (source) — performance, DV video, 49min.
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