The Fondo Speculativo di Provvidenza (FSP) is an artistic project which makes use of monetary capital in order to generate and practice political collectivity in unorthodox manners. The FSP challenges our democratic habits and awareness to create conditions which allow for a direct experimentation with new models of being, thinking and acting together.

The FSP is conceived as a parasitic project hosting itself within the context of a larger artistic event featuring other artistic projects and works. Once on the program of a festival, an art biennal, or a theatre season, the FSP raises the price of all entrance tickets for all programmed works of the host event by a marginal amount (typically 1€). The money levied from the ticket sales constitutes a monetary fund whose capital increases proportionally to the amount of entrance tickets sold. Purchasing an entrance ticket, all visitors automatically become the shareholders of the fund and are handed over the responsibility to decide about what the capital should be, or should not be used for. The FSP accumulates dispersed potential and concentrates it into a single possibility, transforming a gathering of spectators into a political community.  For every occurence of the FSP, new decision making modalities are invented, set to challenge the shareholders in reaching beyond their political reflexes.

The FSP was first realised at the Santarcangelo Festival in 2015. A second version of the project took place in 2016 as a bridge between three Italian festivals, Santarcangelo Festival, Short Theatre Festival (Rome) and Terni Festival. The third version of the project will be hosted by the Kaaitheater, in Brussels, for its entire 2019/2020 season.

Concept and realisation: Christophe Meierhans & Luigi Coppola – Creative and production assistant: Teresa Gentile – Logo: Marsia Dalfini  – Web design and programming: Eduardo Cachucho & Babak Fakhamzadeh – Coproduction: Santarcangelo Festival, Short Theatre Festival (Rome), Terni Festival, Kaaitheater