The footage for this video installation consists of different looped video sequences showing a street in the old city of Jerusalem. The sequences are filmed from a roof terrace, on various days and at various hours. The street is one of the main access into the old city and its multiple worship and touristic locations. The dense and uninterrupted flow of passers-by encompasses a changing mixture of muslim, or christian Palestinians, polish catholic pilgrims, tourists from all over the world, orthodox jewish Israelis, coptic and orthodox christian Jerusalemites, Israelis from ethiopian descent, settlers, soldiers, or bodyguards, each ostensibly wearing the distinguishable signs of its own identity.

Four projections present the different street sequences, each being talked-over by a different pair of commentators. In each sequence, the two off-voices are having a discussion about the same images the spectator is busy watching. These voices belong to western expatriates working for international organisations in Jerusalem. They were invited during the shooting to freely comment on what was being filmed in the same instant. Each pair of commentators did not know eachother in beforehand and met for the first time in front of the video monitor. Fuelled by their shared condition of westerners living outside of the western world, the small-talk of the expatriates interferes in a disturbing manner with the spectator’s attempt to decipher the images from his own perspective.

Concept, direction, camera & editing : Christophe Meierhans – Color correction : Anna de Manincor – Co-production : Kunst/Werk, W139 – Supported by : nadine, de Pianofabriek – Many thanks to : Julien Vaissier, Nerea Craviotto, Anna de Manincor, Anna Rispoli, Tim Voss, David Helbich, Laurent Liefooghe, Miriam Rhode…

Made possible through means of the Commission of the Flemish Community in Brussels (VGC) — Traject subsidy